Puppy The Hamster – Running For Her Life

I’ve never been particularly fond of rodents. I’m not afraid or even creeped out by them; I just don’t care for them as pest or pet. But my youngest decided that having one at her mother’s wasn’t enough, she needed a hamster at our house.


Meet “Puppy” the Teddy-bear Hamster. Yes, she named him Puppy. How adorable.

We didn’t spring for the silent wheel, so it’s SQUEEK SQUEEK SQUEEK all night long. I suppose it was cute when she first jumped on the wheel and went tearing pell-mell for nowhere only to jump off, turn a circle and hop back on for another session of tiny leg pumping fun.

Run Puppy! RUN!!

Run Puppy! RUN!!

But then I got to watching her a little closer. She’s not running because it’s fun. She’s not on a health kick.

Puppy runs on her wheel for the same reason you and I do; because she’s trying to get out of her cage.

The Great Escape

What cage are you trying to escape?


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