So you want to know more about God’s Jester? Why? Who’s askin’? Or lemme put it this way: what does it matter who I am? I’m just the guy who’s trying to become less that He might become more.
Maybe you should ask yourself what brought you here? Looking for a laugh? Some wit and wisdom to ease your way down life’s highway? Maybe some deep spiritual truth or theological gem to bust out in Sunday School?
Or maybe you want the skinny on me – who I am, what makes me tick; all that jazz. The nickel version goes like this: I’m a Jesus loving, motorcycle riding, tattooed, pierced, happily married father of three lovely ladies. Born just outside of Philly, raised in the great state of Maine, currently abiding in Chattanooga, TN. – don’t ask me why, it must be part of His plan.
While God has not blessed me with scads of money or some stunning career, I feel God’s presence when I write. So I write. Most will be short diary type entries – very relational stuff with a whole lot of me, my opinion and my experience thrown in. Interesting reading – I hope. The other stuff will be longer essay type pieces. More on Him, less of me.
And that’s the key right there – more Jesus, less me. I spent about thirty years trying to fit God into my life. It didn’t work. After reading a pretty good book by Shane Claiborne titled The Irresistible Revolution I started looking at things differently. What if God actually meant all that crazy stuff He said in the Bible? How would my life look if I stopped studying God and started living His word? Wouldn’t that be crazy? My wife and I struggle with God over what it is He wants. We started by cleaning out our extensive wardrobes – actually gave it to the poor. Aren’t we just swell folks?
NO! It’s not us! We have more good days than bad days, but those days are the days Jesus is in control, not us. And if He’s calling the shots, then let’s give credit where it’s due – to Christ our Savior, not Keith the clown.  There are plenty of days where there’s more Keith than Jesus – just ask Jenifer. But we’ve caught a whole new vision for following Christ. It’s let us to have more peace and patience, kindness and  goodness , faithfulness, gentleness and self-control, not to mention some serious love and joy – real honest to goodness joy. This is what abundant life feels like. And it feels good.
It feels so good because I was a wreck. I was trying so hard to be good. I knew that He deserved my obedience. I knew that He had called me for a purpose. I’ve felt His hand on my life since I was a wee lad. But I misunderstood. I’ll get into more detail later, and I’ll try to be real honest with you. But I know my mom will read this, so I have to edit it some. The punch line to my joke is that God redeemed my life. All of it. Not just saved my soul for Heaven at some later date, yet to be announced, but for here and now.
So why God’s Jester? Check out 1 Corinthians 1:18 – 31 and 3:18 – 23. In Medieval times the court jester was also called the court fool. I spent most of my life trying to be the best Keith Riddle I could be. Now I want to disappear, swallowed up by Christ in me. I want to embrace the foolishness of the Gospel, of the King who came to die – with all that I am. I want to boast everyday of Him and His work in my life, of how the Lamb that was slaughtered, the now risen Savior redeemed my wasted life and terrible choices and turned everything around. I want to boast in how I gave up seeking my good and He became truly great in me.
Jenifer and I are wrestling with God about what it will look like, but we want to give our lives away and finish our race stronger than we started it. Stand by – whatever it is, it’ll be exciting!


15 Responses to Bio

  1. mommemau2 says:

    Many years ago I made a Jester’s costume for Halloween. I still have the shirt. On the front it reads’ I’m a fool for Jesus, and on the back, Who’s fool are you? I am not sure of what God has for me, but I am sure he HAS me!

  2. leigh jobe ...facebook page says:

    go to my wall. and look for a heading..the best ad will have a car hood in the is about a guy who finds a stethscope and there is a song attached to each thing he touches…surprise will love it

  3. Mccreery says:

    It is our role as great Christians to assist unfold the term of Jesus

  4. Terri Bonfiglio says:

    Hi. Are you meeting tomorrow night for God at the Kitchen Table? I signed up for Net groups, but haven’t been authorized yet, so can’t contact you that way. Thanks. Terri

  5. z.schalk says:

    I found your website while doing some research on my sur name which is Schalk. Its a German name which has several meanings. Directly it means jester but also servant and knave (thief). I love to think of myself as Gods servant and his fool. Anyway Godbless good luck with you endeavors.

    • godsjester says:

      I appreciate your sharing that with me. My last name is Riddle, from Ireland, and obviously has it’s own connotation regarding foolishness. May we serve Him with such passion that we seem foolish to the world!
      ~ Keith

  6. sharee says:

    I “just happened” onto your website and felt right at home! As He has done with so many things in my life the last three years, God leads me to some pretty amazing people and literature that have helped me grow and learn more about Him. I am 54 yrs. old, was baptized when I was 12, but saved three yrs. ago. Had been living life my way, haven’t had a bad life, He has been gracious to me, but now I am living for Jesus! My husband and I had been living together for 16 yrs. before we listened to the Lord and got married. Life is so amazing with Christ as the head of our house! I love you and will be back to this site to see what He is doing with you next. You will be in my prayers!!!

  7. I’m a little incoherent right now. I’ll be back to read you again. 🙂 I’ll respond more appropriately when I haven’t been dodging God all night. Heh. He always brings me back though. I found this blog on FB. I am really trying to get back into blogging again. I intend to everyday. Cheers.

  8. Evie Romero says:

    I feel more blessed than ever to learn that you and your family are in Tennessee. I’m not from Tennessee, but have lived here for some years now. I grew up in the desert. I miss it. I love thinking about Jesus in the desert. The desert is a holy place, but I know that anywhere is a holy place as long as Jesus is there, and if we seek Him, he is there.

    • godsjester says:

      I’m not a local either. I grew up far to the north in Maine, just transplanted here a decade ago. I guess we’ll see how long were here and where He leads us next!

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