How has your appearance affected your ministry?

Well, having a Mohawk, tattoo’s, and piercings is part of who I am, and I think God can use all kinds of people to do all kinds of work in all kinds of places. The fact is that I’ll have opportunities to witness to people that others couldn’t necessarily reach because I don’t look like everybody else.

But I’m also aware of the inherent limitations I place on myself as well. After I spoke at an assisted living facility recently, one of the elderly ladies told my mom, “I’m a little old fashioned, but your son sure is a good speaker. It just took me a while to get past how he looks.” I find that humorous, but also something that needs to be taken into consideration.

I just try to break the ice a little. I tell people that I like to flatter myself and draw a comparison to John the Baptizer. He was an odd looking dude – camel skin shirt and leather belt out in the desert – but a man mightily used by God nonetheless.

What’s your education?

My Mom and Nana were both really good about making sure that my brother and I started memorizing scripture very early in life. Going to church was never optional; Sunday School, two Sunday services and Wednesday night Bible study or prayer meeting – or both. I did the whole AWANA thing – more Bible memorization (KJV only of course!!) and lots of Bible study.

While in the military I started going to Bible College, then again once I got out of the military and went home. Not many credits transferred, so I was pretty much starting over. That school was a GREAT college – but I got kicked out before completing my Sophomore year. Long story.

I’ve done a few college courses since then, but not many. I love to learn, but academia isn’t my strong suite. One of these days I’ll jump through enough hoops to get a nice piece of paper in a really fancy frame. Until then I’ll keep reading and studying and praying.

(Remember: Jesus used folks like fishermen to build the church and spread the Gospel!!)


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